Downtown apartment

Designing an interior can be rather constricting as one has the already built environment to work with but designer Ranjani Vajracharya has mastered her trade. She has played with different colors, textures, patterns and light to create a comfortable and elegant home.

The apartment located at the peaceful and less polluted suburbs of Dhapakhel Downtown Apartment with three bedrooms apartment- a master bedroom with attached bathroom, two children’s rooms, a kitchen, a dining space, a living area with a balcony and a common toilet. The designer has an eye for detail and these little details add up to create a harmonious symphony.

The entrance door framed in stone veneers cannot be missed. It opens up to the warm and cozy living room. The living room is beautifully lit and light has been used as an instrument to focus and accentuate the different elements in the walls and ceilings. The first thing you notice as you enter the room is the beautiful vertical lights protruding off the ceiling which adds drama to the light protruding wall. The concealed lights are also used to accentuate the wood paneling effect in the ceiling and 3d paneling as well as wallpaper on the walls. The ceiling has a wood paneling effect created with gypsum and polish paints. The overall beige ambience of the apartment creates a calm and relaxing environment. The wood veneer offers some of the warmth of the color brown and ducco 3d paneling provides crispness and coolness of the color white. The textures and lighting complement each other without overpowering or dominating. Another beautiful aspect of the room has to be the Akhijhyal inspired shoe cabinet and the window. The designer has carefully concealed the electrical box behind the faux Akhijhyal window which might as well be portal to another dimension. The balcony accessible by the living room provides a spectacular view of the lush paddy fields around the valley.

The dining room for four is adjacent to the living room. It is spacious and separated from the living room by a storage cabinet with an inbuilt aquarium which acts as a centerpiece. The dining room is a common space connecting the living room with all three bedrooms and kitchen. The wallpaper creates a nice backdrop and the interesting lighting accessory grabs the right attention. The warm and white lighting gives an extra dimension to the space. The kitchen is well equipped and has ample natural lights. It has been personalized according to the preference with working space.

The bedrooms are designed according to the user’s inclination. The master bedroom has warm colors with the use of pinewood with charring effects which complements the dark parquet. While the walls are painted beige the most prominent part of the room has to be the pinewood cladded wall behind the head of the bed which sets the tone for rest of the room. The furnishing are minimal and to the point without being ostentatious. The large oval mirror in the wall isnot only functional but also makes the room brighter and larger. The wall shelves are minimally designed with pine wood and blends in the wall without taking up much space. These are used for displaying decorative pieces, books and the makeup essentials of the lady.

The children bedroom with single bed, a study table and a closet, has been designed considering their anthropometry for their utmost comfort. The negative spaces in the son’s bedroom is creatively designed to create stunning niches which can be used to showcase accessories. These niches are cladded in the stone veneers which takes the spotlight. The daughter’s bedroom is every child’s dream come true with fun, punchy and playful pink with her own customized study and dressing table.

Overall, the designer has not followed any specific theme or concept but approached the design in rather eccentric and contemporary manner focusing in the light, texture and functional requisite. Most of the furniture are custom made and of uniform texture which are placed throughout the apartment which binds the whole design together and slowly unfolds as a delightful surprise.

An idea of perfect home is different for different people. A home is a safe haven where we spend most of our time with our family. A home should be warm, inviting and comfortable. We should feel at ease with our surrounding as our domestic space is where we can truly express ourselves. But most importantly it needs to resonate with the persons dwelling it. Our home reflects who we are and how we live our lives. We have an emotional attachment with every brick and mortar and many more significant memories in our home. Bearing that in mind, Designer Ranjani Vajracharya has creatively imagined the space and converted an apartment into a beautiful home.

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