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ConservationMarch 22, 2023

Conservation of baha and bahi of patan article

The open spaces of the Kathmandu valley including Baha, bahi, chuka, Nani are the essential part of medieval town-development. These are the characteristic features of the three cities, Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. The Baha and bahi are the religious courtyards of the newer Buddhists where they practice their monastic lifestyle. The Baha and bahi can be […]

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HeritageMarch 22, 2023

Thamel villa heritage hotel article

Inside a concrete tile pathway at Chaksabari Marg in the busy Thamel, is a beautifully renovated Newar neoclassical style building sitting in its own comfort; welcoming you with the now contemporary name sign saying “Thamel Villa Heritage Hotel”. Just 50 footsteps in from the noisy, hipster paradise, every house you see is quiet, small, green […]

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ArchitectureMarch 22, 2023

Madan puruskar pustakalaya article

Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, located in the historic precinct of Patan, adjoining the Patan Dhokah as been a beacon for archival endeavors in Nepali literature. It is a receptacle of literary and cultural treasures. It hosts the largest archives of Nepali literature in the country and has an active documentation of historic books and documents. The […]

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