Thamel Villa Heritage Hotel Article

Inside a concrete tile pathway at Chaksabari Marg in the busy Thamel, is a beautifully renovated Newar neoclassical style building sitting in its own comfort; welcoming you with the now contemporary name sign saying “Thamel Villa Heritage Hotel”. Just 50 footsteps in from the noisy, hipster paradise, every house you see is quiet, small, green and previously all a part of the same property. Starting from the middle of the 19th century, beside neoclassical, certain elements found in Mughal architecture in India were incorporated into the Newar vernacular thus exhibiting a unique Newar architecture, the Newar neoclassical style you can see in most significant buildings in the country.

Bahadur Shamsher Rana originally owned most of what your eyes can see in the space and was later bought by Sanunani Shrestha Singh, Ganesh Man Singh’s mother in 1953 AD. The building is believed to be 102 years old. The bigger share of the property was later segregated and one of the houses today is a boutique hotel with classic architecture and upscale amenities. This choice of accommodation comes in between an impersonal five-star hotel and a cheaper alternative that lacks character.  The hotel, now four months in operation, has 8 rooms and a view it got in inheritance.

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